Tips And Tools for Backlink Monitoring and Better SEO 

Tips And Tools for Backlink Monitoring and Better SEO 

The majority of website owners often get blindsided with backlink quantity rather than quality. Theoretically, every backlink received is a confidence vote. If the links are from authorized high-ranking sites, the results are best. On the other hand, links received from spammy or low authority sites are not just useless, but damages search ranking or invite unpleasant penalty from search engines.

Toxic backlinks are inevitable. It can occur organically. Therefore backlink analysis is crucial. Backlink audit allows checking, identifying, and fixing backlink profiles to ensure that your future SEO efforts don’t get hindered. Metrics like domain ranking and anchor text can help to improve the backlink profile.

Tips to fix & enhance backlink profile

  • Some links built several years ago may not be compliant with Google’s latest protocols.
  • Some links can be removed from your side but for others, you need to contact the website owners with a request to remove the links from their end. Chances to get this done successfully are less but give it a try!
  • Toxic links can be removed with disavow file. It conveys the message that the disavowed links in the file must not be considered. If there are a lot of artificial, low-quality, or spammy backlinks that can damage your SEO need disavow file action.

Backlink & SEO monitoring tool options

Linkascope is a backlink & website monitoring tool that can help to improve SEO. Consistent 24/7 website monitoring means you gain notifications when something occurs like hardware failure or server issue. Downtimes are costly, but with round-the-clock monitoring, your website visitors, customers, leads, and sales don’t get affected. Issues are fixed as soon as they get notified with monitoring services.

Backlinks monitoring offers a clear idea of your backlink profile health. The backlink analysis feature allows ensuring that your sites work with platforms having organic link profiles. The best thing about this monitoring tool is that it uses advanced offers for link shortening. This allows for easy link sharing or re-direction or used as a QR code generator.


It is a toolkit that blends several online marketing tools to enhance website SEO. It has the best and most user-friendly backlink monitoring feature. You can pull plenty of relevant data associated with high domain backlinks. You even receive in-depth detail of every domain.


It is popular as an SEO powerhouse. Ahrefs is the 2nd most active internet crawler after Google. Enter any website to get a view of every backlink it has. You can refine your search using metrics like DA and the location of the referral website.

SE Ranking

Based on the data of Google Webmaster, SE Ranking tool monitors the incoming links. You can generate in-depth backlink analysis using parameters like cached/not cached, index/noindex, Alexa ranking, anchor text, date discovered, no follow/follow, social popularity, etc. You can create disavow links file and submit it directly to Google Webmaster.


It is a free tool designed to find traffic sources and backlinks of your competitors to plan a robust link-building strategy. You gain many nofollow and dofollow links from multiple unique domains directed to your site. Find toxic links using different parameters and disavow them!