The Importance of SEO for Any Business

The Importance of SEO for Any Business

SEO contains many elements and understanding all of them and their importance is crucial to having better success. An excellent marketing company like Social Trend will have this understanding and experience to make you more visible to search engines, so more traffic comes to your website and converts more to customers. With well-done SEO you can achieve better brand awareness, have improved relationships with customers and place yourself in a position of more authority and trust.

Increasing web traffic

One of the main goals is to have more web traffic. Those websites ranked on the first page get most of the traffic. In fact, at least 25% of searchers will not go past it. That first spot on Google gets about a third of the traffic. Getting yourself up even just one ranking could boost your clicks by around 30%! If you want more people visiting and reading your content you need expert SEO efforts to get you that.

Better ranking from improved visibility

The main point of SEO whether it is on the website or as part of your social media marketing Howell, is to be better seen by search engines when someone does a relevant internet search. The higher you rank (your SERP or search engine result page rank) the more chance people online will see your link and click on it, taking them to your content. It is important to have organic methods to improve your page ranking. Proper SEO efforts take focus, knowledge and expertise in order to get that visibility that then leads to a better SERP that leads to more traffic.

Boosting your authority amongst your audience

Search engines place a lot more importance on PA, aka Page Authority now. This is because more internet users are placing an importance on it so search engines are having to adjust. This basically means that your website is trusted, the content is well written or created, it is relevant, quality and offers them something. Social Trend and other marketing professionals need to ensure you score well when it comes to your authority with 1 being the worst score and 100 being the best. You can check what your PA rating is and it is not simple to affect it but a lot of SEO experts say that a big part of that is credible external links.

Improving the experience visitors have

Our final reason for SEO being still critical with marketing and social media marketing Howell efforts is that it helps visitors have a better time visiting your content. When your site is easy to use, seamless and optimized it means they have a positive experience and will come back, and talk about you with others. Things like making sure your site is good for mobile visitors as well as those on desktops or laptops, improving page load times, reducing bounce rates. Visitors will want to spend more time there and are more likely to become customers or followers. Sites with slow loading times have lower conversion rates.