The Importance of Anchor Text Diversity

The Importance of Anchor Text Diversity

All types of online marketers definitely heard about the anchor text. It is a specific clickable part which is added to the content and highlighted especially. The clickable part is connected to a specific page or website. The text is used for some external & internal links. Mainly it is used in the outreach articles and guest posts. 

What is Anchor text?

In the case of online marketing, website ranking is playing an important role. Anchor text is working as a ranking influencer. It is also considered as the keyword.  In the SERPs (search engine results pages), the text is added. Search engines are reviewing the pages and this specific text properly. With it, they figure out the page or website which is linked to the text. 

Placement of the text in the content is a crucial thing. Variations in the ranking are completely based on it. If all things are perfect, then the rank of the website is improved; otherwise, search engine degrades the website. Consequently, the ranking starts decreasing instead of increasing. There are many SEO blog that help you how to optimize the anchor text for good SEO result such Linkio, Neil Patel, Blogger passion and 99 Tech Post.

What makes it important?

Mainly the companies are considering the way of external anchor text. These types of keywords are placed on other pages and directly linked to the main website. The external pages should be related to the main subject. You can say that these pages look like a reflection in which you explain some important facts. 

Adding keywords in the article is beneficial in several ways such as – creating links for rank boosting and connecting traffic to the main website. For all these things, the text needs to be relevant on which links are created. The only relevant text is helpful in improving the rank of the website.

Anchor text is so important for better ranking of the main subject. In case the text does not explain the linked subject then it may create issues. Selection of the keyword is the main thing, and there are different types of keywords can be formed.

Types of anchor text 

The keywords can be prepared in 7 different types. All types of keywords can be used for different purposes. Types of anchor text are –

  •  Phrase match 

In a good SEO strategy, the experts are considering the part of phrase match keywords at 20%. These types of keywords are looking completely relevant. It can help the users in achieving their objectives by avoiding the unnatural and spammy effects from the content. 

The phrase match text is including the main keyword and some words for proper representation. Mainly the phrases are created in the form of a question. For example, anyone is going to create phrase match anchor text for an air purifier then results are “how to get the best air purifier at lower prices” or “find cheap air purifier.”

  • Exact match 

For the exact match text, the experts are considering 5% backlinks. These types of keywords are completely similar to the main thing you are going to promote. It depends on the individuals that which kind of keyword they are choosing short, medium or long-tailed. Exact match text can be created with all three types. In case you are going to increase the rank of air purifier provider then your keyword is “air purifier.” I have also found that many SEO expert use the exact match anchor for blog commenting off page seo strategy, it’s not good practice of using the anchor. 

  • Brand name 

Everyone wants to make a good brand reputation in the market. It attracts customers and helpful in getting lots of benefits. Here, the brand name text is beneficial for both making reputation and SEO. For such a kind of task, the experts need to create text by adding a relevant keyword of the brand name. The keyword type which used by the professionals here is the LSI (latent semantic index) keyword. This particular kind of backlinks should be created at 10%.

  • Keyword branded 

In order to create the keyword branded anchor text. Here, the individuals need to add both brand name and a keyword in the text. You should create 15% of backlinks under this particular category. It is a perfect and direct approach for promotion and boosting the rank.

  • Branded 

When it comes to prepare the branded text, then the brand name is added to a specific phrase. It helps the website operators a lot in increasing the website rank. Due to it, the experts are creating 25% backlinks with branded anchor text. 

  • Subdirectory/subdomain, root or page URL

 In these types of texts, URL is directly considered as the keyword. For the best possible results, the individuals need to create 10% of total backlinks. 

All these things can help you in getting proper knowledge related to the Anchor text and other related facts. Understanding its types can help you a lot in getting information about the importance and get that how to create beneficial ones. Add the properly formed text to the content and get better results in the form of better ranking.