Microsoft Access to MySQL: how to choose migration tool

Microsoft Access to MySQL: how to choose migration tool

Data is the main asset of modern business. Many companies and organizations are constantly looking for most efficient DBMS for storing and managing their data. Obviously, personal desktop database management systems such as Microsoft Access cannot provide enough scalability for needs of growing businesses. Here are the main reasons of migration from Microsoft Access to more powerful and flexible DBMS such as MySQL:

  • MySQL is open source
  • MySQL has tight integration with web
  • MySQL has stronger security system based on permissions and roles
  • MySQL provides true multi-user environment

Microsoft Access to MySQL database migration is implementer according to extract-transform-load (ETL) model. All MS Access database objects can be easily migrated with special tools except forms and related Visual Basic code that are converted into web-forms into PHP script manually.

Solutions for automating database migration from Microsoft Access to MySQL include free of charge scripts for IT professionals and turn-key commercial tools. It is important to choose the right solution among others based on the following factors:

  • All modern versions of MySQL and its forks such as Maria DB and Percona must be supported
  • Support of SAAS or cloud variations of MySQL is a plus
  • The migration tool must handle Microsoft Access databases protected by user-level security
  • Main database objects such as tables, data, indexes, relationships between tables and queries must be migrated
  • Option to export Microsoft Access database into MySQL script file must be supported
  • The converter must be able to merge or synchronize existing MySQL database with Microsoft Access data
  • Command line support for more flexible use of the product

One of Microsoft Access to MySQL converters meeting these requirements is offered by Intelligent Converters, software company working in database migration field since 2001. Besides generic features listed above, this product provides powerful feature that is migrating result of SELECT-queries. This flexible capability can be used for the following purposes.

  • Extracting and renaming particular columns:SELECT FName as FirstName, LName as Last Name FROM The Table
  • Do not migrate records containing NULL values:SELECT * FROM TheTable WHERE not isnull(Comments)
  • Mingrating data from multiple Microsoft Access tables into single one:

SELECT T1.code,, T2.description FROM Products T1 INNER JOIN Product Lines T2 ON T1. product line = T2. product line;

Microsoft Access to MySQL converter has easy-to-use interface that makes it accessible not only for database professionals. The product is supplied with trial version for evaluation purpose, it converts only 50 records per table and does not convert relationships between tables and queries.

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