Bacon Camera

Bacon Camera

We live in a very visual world today, full of pictures and videos. A great portion of our time is spent on our devices. Today regardless of age, from toddlers to the elderly, we have become slaves of our devices. All of us have acquired the need to document our day to day, and upload them into the online world. 

This documentation is mostly done via our smartphones, which have today become quite powerful cameras in their own right. In order to harness this superpower, many applications have been developed today, ranging from the simple to use, up to the most complex ones reserved for the professionals. But Bacon Camera is an app that caters to the need of the simple man, woman or even child.

Bacon Camera App

Bacon Camera is not at all complex. It is easy to use, and comes with a concise set of options, that will help you take the best pictures with ease. When you open Bacon Camera, you will see that there are three modes that you can use interchangeably according to your requirements, namely Photo mode, Video mode and Panorama mode. 

When you use Photo mode, you will see some icons on the screen, which allows you to easily and quickly make some changes in the settings, without having to leave the screen you are on. For instance, you can set up a Timer, and choose the duration in seconds, or you can even set up timed shots, which will trigger the app to take a number of pictures with a preset time interval between them. Those features and interface designs are rare among other Android cameras.

You also will see some icons on the top of the screen:

  • Flash Manager: allows you to change your flash settings.
  • Manual Controls: gives you the control to adjust the focus and exposure.
  • Color effect: Provides three options, namely Sepia, Mono and Negative.
  • Skin tone: helps you change the tone of your skin to the visually perfect one on your pictures.
  • Picture Tuning
  • Camera Settings
  • Exposure Bracket: With a simple and professional user interface, you may take many photographs with varied exposure values and choose the best later.
  • Multi Exposure: method allows you to blend many pictures at full resolution.
  • GIF: helps you create hilariously funny and entertaining GIFs, that you can share with your friends and loved ones.

Once your picture or video has been captured, you can then proceed to edit there with the powerful picture editor it provides. You can apply filters, insert text, pictures, stickers, GIFs or even draw on your picture.

Download Bacon Camera app for TV

Many Android TV box and Fire TV devices can use external camera devices. Most of the time it is easy for zoom meetings, video calls and etc. But those stock camera apps are not good for photos and video recording. For that you can use Bacon Camera app on your TV.

Bacon Camera TV app does not available on Amazon App Store and Play Store. It is hard to find FileSynced Code that has this application too. Best and easiest way is to create your own store and upload your favorite camera app. You can use FileSynced or AppLinked for this.